Quality Policy

We as Rekor Kauçuk, are responsible for developing the quality management systems , product & production process, supplier & customer relations

Our main and permanent target is to increase our profitability and competition constantly by adapting our organization skill to quality management systems. We have internalized  to manage our processes according to the below principles :

» Providing the constant development philosophy to be appropriated and  obeyed by all employees, to target the customer satisfaction in every production done, catch the quality standards with zero mistake in every service promised to the customers.

» To provide and protect the responsibility of each individual employee for own/department production at once and without mistake and forward to the next department.

» To determine thoroughly and to understand the specifications of all the products, semi products, production processes according to the customer needs, develop the production processes according to the technical  innovations.

» Focusing on the educational activities of our employees to increase their existing creativity potential.

» To develop our quality management system according to the needs of our customers and innovations in the automotive industry.

We hereby commit that every clause in this policy will be applied, make known by all the levels of the organization chart and revised periodically.

We as Rekor Kauçuk, commit that we will provide all the technical and  human resources in order to supply all the needs and expectations of our customers every time, under the quality assurance system described in our company